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Wall of Glass

Wall of Glass

Marcy Requist & Ron Wikso wrote Wall of Glass during the Covid-19 Quarantine of 2020. It originates from a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to be unable to visit a parent in a nursing home during the quarantine.
The story begins in a hospital nursery with a new father looking at his baby daughter through its protective “wall of glass” .
That little girl grows up, and now she is looking at her father through a “wall of glass” from outside his nursing home.
She is unable to visit him because of the quarantine.
The father has dementia, so there’s also a figurative wall that stands between him and his memories of his daughter.

You may recognize yourself, or someone you know within the story.
And, you’ll feel a hug of comfort from the message,”Have faith, this too shall pass.”

AndersonPonty Band Concert

AndersonPonty Band Concert

Ron and I had the honor of attending the AndersonPonty Band concert at the One World Theatre in Austin,Texas on Saturday, May 7th, 2016. Of course seeing the original singer/songwriter for 35 years of YES (Jon Anderson) and international violin superstar Jean Luc Ponty is exciting all by itself. But at this concert, we not only got to see these two music legends, but were able to enjoy our dear friend (and keyboardist/arranger of “Cover of Comfort”) Wally Minko on keyboards.

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