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Marcy Requist - Wall of Glass Cover Artwork

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This woman has the voice of an angel…the innocence of Karen Carpenter and the power and control of Idina Menzel! I just bought 10 CDs… 8 to give as gifts and two to keep for myself (a back-up in case I wear the first one out!). 

Jebb T.

The CD is beautiful just like you!! The songs were so calming & inspirational. Just what I needed to hear!! Thank you for touching my heart! Blessings to you & on the wonderful success of your CD & music. God’s plans are never-ending for you!!
Carol G.

So beautiful – so inspiring!
Robin W.

The portions of your CD that are excerpted on the website are fantastic! I am a big fan of Gospel music, especially when it’s done really well, with a great band and a marvelous singer – your CD has both of those!
Roger D.

What a great voice! Thank you for sharing!
Mechelle L.

I just listened to a couple of my favorites again on CD Baby and wow!!! I got CHILLS!!! I didn’t get to download the cd last night but had my daughter play Hallelujah (full-length) from iTunes and I just want you to know…I had chills from head to toe during that entire song!!! I love it!!!
Melissa H.

You are blessed with the talent, but we are blessed to now be able to listen. Thank you.
Christie G.

Gorgeous ❤
Lori S.

Fabulous! Such a beautiful voice. I’ll share this.
Cindy P.

There are times in every life when we need music to get though trying times. Music has always helped me at those times. This is such a blessing to me. Lovely voice, and wonderful back-up.
Berniece D.

I listened to you on your site. You are very blessed and I like what you are doing! God is moving you to new exciting areas and he will be challenging you to reach out into the darkness with your light. Thank you for your contributions to fine music.

Marcy! I gotta tell ya, LOVE The Beatles’ “Let It Be” incorporated into “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” at the end!!! I never realized how perfectly they fit together!!
Julie W.

Your songs make my heart smile!!
Rhonda S.

Lovely voice!
Charlie C.

Great voice!
Ruben L.

Marcy, you touched my soul.
Kathryn S.

Your soul is so genuine, so serene!
Greg C.

Marcy, you told your stories and I believed. I heard the beauty and it touched my soul. Beautiful work, Marcy!
Kathleen B.

You have such a genuine, spiritual, kind, sweet, selfless, soulful heart!!! God has blessed you with such a talent that you continue to share & bless & inspire us with!! Thank you for inspiring us & opening our hearts with song!!
Carol G.