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The Story Behind the “Covers of Comfort” CD

Everyone has a story, and every story has a storm. Covers of Comfort, by Marcy Requist, offers healing music as a “shelter” in your own personal storm.

The title, “Covers of Comfort”, came about (most obviously) because all of the songs are “covers”. “Comfort” is how I would describe what these songs have given me when I’ve turned to them for “shelter” in the storms of my own story. Sometimes it’s because I take comfort in the healing music and the inspirational message of hope the song offers. But other songs bring me comfort (regardless of how “sad” they are) because it means a lot to me knowing someone else in the world has felt something so deeply, they were able to put their feelings to music.

I don’t feel all ALONE in my own storm when I hear about someone ELSE’S in a song that helps me through it.

Obviously, the reason we recorded these songs was not so you would have a playlist of my favorite songs of comfort. No.

We dedicated ourselves to creating a source of comfort for people who appreciate the healing power of music. We hope you are able to discover your SELF, your kids, your spouse, your healing, the house you grew up in, a friend or family member you have lost, etc.

Whatever speaks to YOUR OWN PERSONAL STORY; we hope you are able to hear songs on Covers of Comfort that can become its “soundtrack”.

However, if you find a song that doesn’t apply to YOUR personal story, we would ask you to think of someone the song DOES remind you of. Maybe it’s a sick friend, a lost soul, a lonely family member, or even our world. WHOEVER or WHATEVER it is, it won’t take long before you see their face, and feel their storm.

Keep that image of them in your mind. Reflect on your compassion and love for them, and offer – if you would – the song to be a PRAYER (from you) for their healing. These songs are for all of us – and everyone we love.

Music has a way of guiding us to an altar of understanding where we can kneel, and let the lyrics and beautiful melodies speak FOR us. It cradles our pain, rocks us to PEACE, and shelters us from the storm.

I’m going to share with you a little about the history of each of the songs on this CD, and also why they were chosen. If you feel a particular connection to a song (or songs) after listening to the CD, we encourage you to share it in the “Comments” section.

You never know when YOUR story of finding shelter in a storm might help others start looking for THEIRS.

Thank you for your interest in the songs on the “Covers of Comfort” CD. I’m so glad you are here, and invite you to stay awhile and check out the other soothing choices in our “Circle of Comfort” . Whether it’s attending one of our “Evenings of Comfort” concerts, cooking up something yummy from the “Tastes of Comfort” recipe collection, considering “Sounds of Comfort” for a funeral or memorial service, reading “Words of Comfort” from the blog posts, or choosing “Notes of Comfort” from the greeting card collection; I hope you make yourself at home here! And please, visit often!

There’s always room for “one more” in our “Circle of Comfort”!

To learn the story behind each of the songs that appear on the “Covers of Comfort” CD, check out Marcy’s “Words of Comfort” Blog. You can also go directly to her blog posts about specific songs by clicking on their links, below.



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