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A wonderful companion to comforting music is of course, comforting food. We all have our go-to “scoops of security”. In TASTES OF COMFORT, you will find a variety of recipes that not only satisfy the palate, but feed the soul.

The “Dish” Behind the Scoop

TASTES OF COMFORT - Crock-Pot Roast With A Kick

Crock-Pot Roast with a Kick

Isn’t it true that almost all of our culinary cozies have a “side dish” of conversation? We share details of the comfy setting they were savored in, the occasion that brought us together, and the loved ones who filled the chairs next to ours. We remember the loving hands that prepared the food, and how grateful we were for what we had. The traditions that have kept these recipes alive (and healed hearts from generation to generation) are cherished, and we preserve them with honor.

Some of these recipes are favorites from our families. Others are from homes where great conversations were held around dining room tables full of holiday traditions, hearty soups in the wintertime, or Saturday night homemade pizzas. The TASTES OF COMFORT we remember from happy times are like an umbrella of understanding in times of uncertainty.

 “Remedy” Recipes”

TASTES OF COMFORT - Nurse With SoupFive-star restaurants with picturesque-plated delicacies are wonderful, but sometimes only satisfying in delicate times. When the intensity of a storm threatens the stability of our surroundings, it’s nice to see a plate filled with the familiar “home-remedy” fare that fills the hollows left in the ruins.



Join Us Around the Table

TATES OF COMFORT - RockwellWe would LOVE for you to share your TASTES OF COMFORT recipes, and (if you’re willing) a little bit about the story behind the special place they hold in your recipe box. You never know when telling your story might inspire someone to write (or tell) theirs. And, there’s a good chance passing on a beloved recipe of home-cooked “therapy” will likely serve someone more than nourishment.

Please use our recipe submission form (see below, on this page) to send us your recipes/stories.

Thank you!

Main Dishes

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