"If I Had Only Known" - Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire

"If I Had Only Known" - 8 Seconds

8 Seconds

Reba McEntire recorded “If I Had Only Known” in 1991. It was played at the end of the movie “8 Seconds”. The movie was based on the life and untimely death of professional bull-riding champion of the 1980’s, Lane Frost. He died at the age of 26 in the arena at the 1989 “Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo” as a result of injuries sustained riding the bull “Takin’ Care of Business”.

"If I Had Only Known" - Lane Frost

Lane Frost

My daughter Andie is a barrel racer, so we have a pretty deep appreciation for the rodeo, and the men and women who work in (and outside of) the arena. There are no guarantees when the rodeo starts that everyone will walk away unharmed. You hope for the best, and lean on faith to protect them. I felt the same way as I watched Logan race motocross, or see Ashley flying in the air as a cheerleader. As a parent, you hate the possibility of them getting injured. But as someone who appreciates their need to do what they love, you understand it’s what they live to do. You do everything in your power to help them achieve what their heart is willing to dream, and their body is prepared to work hard for. But first you pray. A lot.                                          

When We Say “If I Had Only Known”

This song is pretty emotional. Some might say it’s “sad” due to the heart-tugging lyrics that tell the story of someone (with a lot of regret) who has lost a loved one.

Like many of us, they keep saying “if they had only known” their loved one would leave them forever, they would have spent their last day, evening, or hours together so differently.

I agree, “If I Had Only Known” can be a very sad song. But I don’t think we should miss the opportunity to learn from its message to not waste these precious days with the people we love. We don’t get a reminder on our phones when we wake up in the morning that THIS will be the day we wish we could get back.

"If I Had Only Known" - CalendarCalendars don’t come with warning labels marking the days we should treat differently.

I hope this song serves as a gentle reminder to cherish all of the days – and the people we spend them with. Maybe if we do, we won’t have to sadly say (like in the song), “If I Had Only Known”.


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