"I'll Remember You" - Terre McPheeters

Terre McPheeters

“I’ll Remember You” was written by the very talented music teacher/songwriter, Terre McPheeters. I met Terre when she was a camp counselor/choir director at the Northwest Missouri State University’s Summer Music Camps in 1981 and 1982. She wrote this song for school choirs.

My high school choir director, and very dear friend, Larry Mannasmith had used Terre’s music in our school choirs. Probably the most popular song among the students was her “Maybe Someday”. It was a favorite graduation song, and we often sang it when the occasion called for a sentimental song about friends parting.

“I’ll Remember You” – In Honor Of A Friend

When I lost one of my best friends after her brave battle with cancer, her family asked me to sing at her funeral, but didn’t have a song in mind. I pored over my assortment of “memorial music”, but nothing seemed right. Then I found this song in an old 3-ring binder of music, and felt a connection to her in every line.

My friend’s family trusted my choice, and heard it for the first time at her funeral, with Larry accompanying me on the piano.

A Special Reason To Record

Weeks after the funeral, her sister-in-law called me to ask where she could find a recording of “I’ll Remember You”. She and her daughters wanted to make a CD of music for her brother (my friend’s husband), and include that song.

I had to tell her I didn’t know if there was a recording because the song was written for the use of a school choir. I never did find another recording, so we included it on the CD in memory of my dear friend.

Because She Loved Children

Ron was choosing sound effects to put on the tracks, and asked me about her. He wanted to know what she loved, who she was, etc. Of course I had all kinds of wonderful things to say about her, but one of the biggest things we all would remember is how much she loved children.

"I'll Remember You" - SueMy kids were all very close to Sue, and she was always with the kids playing, or reading to them at our get-togethers. She taught Andie to swim, visited Logan in the hospital after his accident (even though she herself was weak from her illness), and Ashley took her first steps into her outstretched arms.

Never Forgotten


"I'll Remember You" - Tiger LiliesThe song “I’ll Remember You” is dedicated to my friend Sue, and her family and friends who still to this day remember the wonderful woman she was. We truly appreciate the amazing legacy she left us in her beautiful daughters, our memories of her strength, and her passion for living without fear.

Sue was buried in a baseball cap that read, “Life Is Good”. I don’t think it was an accident that this would be a reminder from her (to all of us) how much she loved life. And now, how she wanted us to do the same.

Who could forget a woman like that?

I created this video in honor of Sue. For over 20 years I was able to take hundreds of photos of Sue and her family and friends. Unfortunately, I have been denied access to those. However, I was able to get photos from Facebook, and a few others I felt captured things Sue loved. Please excuse the absence of many of her and Jerry’s family and friends I wish I could have included.

This is for you, Sue.

“I’ll Remember You”… With Love


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