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This is Marcy Requist’s beautiful and unique version of the Leonard Cohen classic song, “Hallelujah”, which was originally made famous by Jeff Buckley, and later covered many other times by such artists as Rufus Wainwright, KD Lang, Bon Jovi and many others. Marcy has referred to “Hallelujah” as follows:

So why would I feel “Hallelujah” – known for its complexity – might be able to offer comfort? I guess the easy answer is, I just love this song! Even if there weren’t any words, the music alone is soothing and very moving. One of the things I love about Wally Minko’s arrangement is that the introduction is very unique. At first listen, you don’t really know what the song is. After a magical exchange between Wally on a grand piano and Ron Wikso on percussion, it eases into the familiar, heart-awakening melody we all know. There, “Hallelujah” is met with Kurt Griffey’s soulful guitar, and Matt Bissonette’s tender bass line. Throughout the song, Ron provides an inspired rhythm that rocks the band on a gentle wave of emotions. “Hallelujah” is repeated over and over and over – like a calming mantra in BETWEEN the stories of well-known commotions that encompass the verses. Maybe it’s because there’s something to be said about repeating (and focusing on) a familiar phrase when words escape us. You can read more about the story behind “Hallelujah”, and what it’s meant to Marcy, by reading her blog post about it, here.

Produced and mixed by Ron Wikso, featuring Wally Minko on piano, Matt Bissonette on bass, Kurt Griffey on guitar, and Ron Wikso on drums and percussion.

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Everyone has a story, and every story has a storm. Covers of Comfort is shelter for your storm.

The title of the Covers of Comfort CD came about (most obviously) because all of the songs are covers of songs that were written by some of the best songwriters in the world. “Comfort” is how I would describe what these songs have given me when I’ve turned to them for “shelter” in the storms of my story. Sometimes it’s because I take comfort in the inspirational message of healing and hope the song offers. But other songs bring me comfort (regardless of how “sad” they are) because it means a lot to me knowing someone else in the world has felt this sadness so deeply, they were able to put their feelings to music.

When recording Covers of Comfort, we dedicated ourselves to creating a source of comfort for people who appreciate the healing power of music. We hope you are able to discover your SELF, your kids, your spouse, your healing, the house you grew up in, a friend or family member you have lost, etc.

Whatever speaks to YOUR OWN PERSONAL STORY; we hope you are able to hear songs on the Covers of Comfort album that become part of your “soundtrack”.

In addition to Marcy’s beautiful voice, the album features performances from some highly accomplished musicians, including:

RON WIKSO – Drums/Percussion (Cher, Foreigner, Gregg Rolie, Richie Sambora, Randy Meisner, CCR, Player, Denny Laine, Spencer Davis, Eddie Money)

WALLY MINKO – Grand Piano/Keyboards (Tom Jones, Barry Manilow, Toni Braxton, En Vogue, Pink, Gregg Rolie, Jean Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson)

KURT GRIFFEY – Guitars (CCR, Randy Meisner, Spencer Davis, Gregg Rolie, Eddie Money, Denny Laine)

MATT BISSONETTE – Bass Guitar (Elton John, ELO, Ringo Starr, Rick Springfield, Maynard Ferguson)

TOM EVANS – Tenor Saxophone (Carly Simon, Melissa Manchester, Rod Stewart, Don Henley, Glenn Frey)

BIHN PARK – Cello (Juilliard Music, Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, Kennedy Center Performer).


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